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I saw Becka advertising on Facebook and also had heard excellent recommendations from friends who have used her services so I gave her a message. I needed a rider to help me break in 3 big youngsters ranging from 16.1-17.1. Becka replied quickly and booked me in within the next few days. The 3 I needed a hand with had never had a rider, Becka spent 3 hours with me ensuring each horse had enough ground work, time spent leaning on them and actually on board. 1 of the 3 was extremely fresh and sharp. Becka remained calm whilst on board and rode through it. Becka is confident with young horses and worked in an extremely professional manner. I will be getting her back when I have more to break in. Cannot recommend her enough!

Jason Perry
Horse Trainer

I moved my 6 yr old cob Ted in March to the yard that Becka keeps her horses at and she has been a godsend helping me with him. At first with stable and turning out over the spring, and then lunging, work in the school and hacking him out in to build his confidence. Ted is now a confident horse thanks to Becka's patience with him and understanding of a young horse. Would highly recommend her.

Anna Sutherland
Horse owner

I contacted Becka regarding holiday cover for our horses after seeing her advert on FB. It was vital for me to find someone professional and understanding as our pony had been recently diagnosed with EMS and required strict management. Becka's experience and can-do attitude meant the horses could stay in the routine they were used to and looked fantastic when I returned. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for holiday cover!

Horse Owner
Becka came to help me school my young pony last week, as I wanted a smaller rider to help him with his canter transitions, which I had tried a couple of times and found he was quite unbalanced through the strike off. As soon as she sat on him, she had him working nicely, and she gave him a lovely schooling session. Her neat, secure position and positive attitude gave him a really good introduction to cantering nicely, as she was able to sit very still and quiet and allow him to find his balance, whilst still riding positively forwards. Since her ride, I have cantered him every day without a problem :) I am looking forward to Becka coming back again next week to school him again and pop him over a few jumps for me!

Chesca Burrows
Horse Owner
Lovely plaiting from becka James for ollies BD Petlan area festival. Lovely small even plaits, I would highly recommended Becka for plaiting to anyone!

Jane Taylor
Horse Owner
We asked Becka at really late notice if she could help with a sales ride, she responded straight away and met us the next day. She was very professional but also really friendly and rode our horse extremely well (he's been a field ornament for couple of months now so not the easiest). Very calm and confident rider and would highly recommend her!!

K Jones
Horse Seller
Becka has given me the confidence to stay on my horse when playing up and to enjoy riding once more. She has also worked with cassie my 4 year old , been firm but sympathetic and worked wonders in such a small amount of time. She is very friendly and helpful and I would highly recommend her. Thank you so much. one very satisfied customer. Julie.

Julie Lovelock
Cassie's Owner
Becka keeps her horse at the same yard as I keep my 4 year old Shetland pony Belle.Three months ago I asked Becka if she would start working with belle who had been nothing but a field companion. In 12 weeks Becka now has her lunging on both reins in walk trot and canter and riding quietly in the school. Belle is now ready for my grandchildren to ride her on the lead. I cannot thank Becka enough, she has been brilliant she is a quiet sympathetic rider but firm at the same time not alloying belle to be naughty and misbehave. I would recommend her to anyone looking for someone to ride or school their horse/pony.

Anne Trinder
Horse Owner
Becka has been helping out with our horses this year after we saw her advert on FB. She is always reliable, efficient and is happy to do anything you ask from her. I have already recommended her to friends and she is currently looking after a good friends 3 horses whilst the family are on hols. I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting a good service!

Jo Holder
happy customer
Becka has been an absolute star working with me to break my 3 year old gelding, not only is Becka calm and reassuring to both horse and rider but tough when she needs to be. Her riding amazing and relaxed even when the horse is playing up. She has improved my riding massively and I can't thank her enough for it. I would recommend Becka to everyone.

Becka carries out all her work to a very high standard. She treats clients horses as well as her own whilst remaining calm, professional and approachable. As well as being a fantastic rider, Becka also offers grooms services!

Owner of Daydream Equine Art
Becka comes to us every week to cover our private showing yard while we compete. Becka is extremely reliable, trustworthy and very good with all our horses ranging from young colts, old stallions, broodmares and fit HOYS showing horses. I have no worries at all leaving Becka in sole charge - I know everything will be done properly and all the horses will be well looked after. Becka is also a very talented young rider. Highly recommend!

Yard Owner
My daughter Brijana is the lucky owner of Beauty, Becka's last pony. We have had her for almost 2 years now and during this time, thanks to Becka's great work with Beauty, she has given my daughter so much fun and confidence. I have shared Beauty with Brijana and also had a fantastic time on her and learned lots. Thanks so much Becka and mum, Jane for being so honest when selling us Beauty and giving us such a wonderful gift!

Nicole Stanton-Jones
Brijana's mum (owner of Beauty, Becka's last pony)
Becka has done a fantastic job schooling and Jumping my pony, Not only is she a very talented young rider she is 100% reliable and a lovely girl, Highly Recommended :)

Jo Bosley
Becka has been taking our daughter Katelyn during the summer holidays, teaching her all the basic skills of looking after a horse, riding and all the lovely jobs in the stables. Katelyn has only recently started riding lessons, since she has been with Becka her confidence has continued to grow. Katelyn has had a fantastic time and is already planning the next school holidays with you. A big thank you from both of us.

Derek & Angelina
Becka has ridden a wide variety of horses and ponies for me and has got the best out of all of them. This young rider has a very promising career ahead of her and I am sure we will see her do great things. She has excellant hands, seat and feel for what she is riding. Good luck for the future.

Jodie scholes
Yard Owner
This weekend, Becka took the time to travel from Reading to Surrey to help me with my BSJA pony who kept having 4 faults. She spotted the problem of me rushing him to a fence and soon put a stop to it. She laid out trot and canter poles to regulate his stride into the fence. Before she came, I didnt like to jump him in our arena at home more than 3'' but had me poping a 1.40m oxer with confidence and keeping it up! Becka also helped me school a very green horse over a course of new rustic jumps including 1.20m brush jumps! Overall, Becka is a very helpful, kind and understanding girl to have at your yard and builds the confidence of both horse and rider sky high! Thanks for your help Becka, I hope to see you again soon and good luck in whatever you want to do! x

Monica Heise
Taught Rebecca on the very naughty Rodney pony, the delightful Hardy who taught her so much. So many great lessons in the wind and rain! Watching Rebecca go from clear rounds to this National level BS showjumping makes me very proud - to hear all the positive comments on her ability and POSITION a this level - makes all the hard work worthwhile. Rebecca is destined to have an excellent riding career and I cannot recommend her highly enough. A dressage judge once told me her "hand were a 9" and she was a credit to me. To see her go on and progress even further is amazing. She also has a very grounded supportive family who have helped her get where she is. Well done to mum for all those lessons!

Gillian Elliott BHS Int. T, Int Sm BSc Equine Sports (hons
Previous Instructor/ trainer

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